About Us
HAPPY GRASS strives to be the preeminent leader in the field of DIY products. The brand aims to simplify people’s lives in dessert and food making.

Everyone can be a chef.

HAPPY GRASS values a strong tradition of innovation through creating DIY products to fit modern’s people lives. HAPPY GRASS wants to show its commitment to produce high quality DIY products for HAPPY GRASS loyal supporters. HAPPY GRASS has maintained its good relationships with our supporters.

Brand Attitude
Always caring about people’s lives.
HAPPY GRASS aims to serve a wider range of customers better. HAPPY GRASS will continue to bring new lifestyle ideas and food products to customers through the effort of research and development. HAPPY GRASS also improves and enhance production control and capability to serve market demand with efficiency.  It has led HAPPY GRASS into a tremendous array of business opportunities that have been proven to be highly successful and profitable.

-  To bring traditional Asian and western refreshment food to customers.

-  To simplified the home food making process by providing pre-formulated and pre-packaged food products.

-  To provide a wide range of choices to customers by continuous effort in research and development.
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